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We digitally empower the professional services landscape


We digitally empower the professional services landscape

MyDashboard has been developed with the clear mission in mind: To digitally empower professional services.

Our heritage is the professional services industry. We know that especially small to medium-sized professional services firms would usually not have either the time, ressources or budget themselves, to innovate the way they engage with clients.

Professional services firms usally are way to busy with promoting and delivering their services, as well as collecting the service fees long time after the service actually has successfully been delivered. Every little change to daily routines turns out to be very disruptive This is challening but it is very real and happens every day across the globe.

MyDashboard is an exciting tool that has been built by professional services provider for professional providers and therefore fullfills a very specific need: To digitally empower professional services firms within and across all three disciplines:

  • Service Promotion
  • Service Delivery
  • Cash Collection

MyDashboard works the way professional services provider work. It can be seamlessly integrated in running customer-facing processes, whether related to service promotion, service delivery or cash colletion. We wanted to build a tool that is simple to use and clients as well as their employees simply would love to work with, on a daily basis.

Our vision is to revolutionize the professional services industry without loosing the personal touch.

Together with our partners, we help professional services provider to better engage with their clients as well as their employees. Together we build a strong ecosystem to make employees happier.



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