The MyDashboard Service Marketplace

The Service Marketplace allows professional services provider to digitally promote and sell their standardized professional services directly within MyDashbaord.

The MyDashboard Service Marketplace provides the following value-adding services to professional services provider:

  • Select the profesisonal service to be promoted onMyDashbaord-Professional-Services-Marketplace.png the marketplace to individual clients
  • Use the service tarif manager to define the service fee by individual business client
  • Let business clients inform themselve about services individually promoted on the service marketplace by client
  • Let business clients subscribe themselves to services promoted on the service marketplace
  • Recurring as well as successfully delivered professional services will be invoiced automatically at the end of each month
  • Allow business clients to electronically pay a monthly invoice with a single mouse-click and directly within MyDashboard


Provide a digital marketplace for your professional services to allow business clients to browse through your portfolio of professional services. Promoted services will be offered including a price individually defined for each of your clients. Successfully delivered services will automatically be converted into an invoice to be shared with your clients at the end of each month.


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