A carefully designed collaboration hub to make professional services provider better work together with their clients

MyDashboard is changing the way organizations engage with their empoyees as well as professional services provider.

One Collabortion Hub

Allow your organization to better work together with professional services provider


Often the collaboration between organizations and external professional employer services provider is not optimal or even disconnected. MyDashboard helps you to better integrate along your HR-organization, your employees, as well as 3rd-party professional employer services provder.

Use MyDashboard to fully integrate 3rd-party professional services provider and reach a complete new service experience end-to-end.


Beautiful and Clean User Interface

Your organization will love to work with MyDashboard


Introducing the best tool usually is not helping organizations when, in the end, none of the employees actually likes to use it.

MyDashboard has been built by professional services provider for professional services provider. All screens have been carefully desgined to optimize clicks and transparency in order to make the daily life of business users more efficient. When building MyDashboard for you we only had one thought in mind: To love working with MyDashboard, every day.


Automated generation and delivery of invoices

Let your clients automatically receive invoices against successfully delivered services they have subscribed to


When talking to hundreds of small and medium-sized professional services provider we learned that sharing invoices with clients still is one of the most time-consuming exercises.

What if there was a tool that would help professional services provider to automatically generate and share invoices with their clients? MyDashboard let clients manage their service subscriptions themselves. It automatically generates and shares invoices against successfully delivered services your clients have subscribed to.


Works the way you work

A fully process driven application design


Did you ever get lost when working with a website or app you were not familiar with?

MyDashboard has been designed by professional services providers and therefore is following industry proven best-practices. MyDashboard is fully process-driven, meaning that the user is fully guided through the application, from the start of a process to its completion.


One Employee Portal

The employees of your clients will love to work with MyDashboard


Employees usually do not like to be confronted with administrative overhead.

MyDashboard has been designed to improve the user experience for employees which essentially will make their daily working life more fun and effective. MyDashboard provides employees an innovative portal to self-administrate their profile and to securely view their monthly payroll-slips.


Works web and mobile

Working from wherever you may go


Honestly, who really wants to be always online? However, it's the digital age and data need to be accessible when needed.

MyDashboard has been designed to help clients of professional services providers, as well as their employees to securely gain access to their services and personal information, whether from the office or the coffeehouse around the corner.


Never gets boring with the App store

Add new apps to your Dashboard to digitalize all of your customer-facing processes


A lot of software we use in our daily working life often provide way too many functions & features than actually needed.

MyDashboard provides exciting apps that add value to specific areas of your customer engagement. Use only the apps you really need today and add more apps as you digitally transform your business. All apps together work seamlessly together to provide a unique customer experience.


Securely hosted in Germany

MyDashboard is designed, developed and hosted in Germany


Did you ever get lost when working with a website or app you were not familiar with?

MyDashboard has been designed to simplify the collaboration among professional services provider, employers, as well as their employees. We understand that we are helping our clients to process very sensitive information and therefore make sure that your data will always be hosted securely in Germany.


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