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FRANKFURT, GERMANY-MARCH 12TH 2017 — Aiming to expand their reach and continue to provide their trailblazing communication and amplified service for increased collaboration between employers, employees, and professional service providers as “The Digital Employer”, MyDashboard has announced its streamlined cloud-based service is now available for a free trial.

Cloud computing merely means that a business or company operates mostly over the Internet. This differs from traditional software where a consumer laptop, desktop, or mobile device isn’t the object doing the computing, an off-site server is. This means that everyone has access to the same database of files and documents, based on permissions, and they can be accessed from anywhere.

By the end of 2015, it was estimated that roughly 90 percent of UK businesses use at least one cloud service as the world becomes increasingly reliable on digital technology. According to a survey conducted by Right Scale, 85 percent of companies employed a multi-cloud strategy in 2016 versus sticking to one service. This allows for businesses to outsource critical IT functions such as database servers, file servers, document storage, or application development.

Cloud computing has many benefits for businesses, including: flexibility, better control over documents, security, the ability to work remotely from anywhere, collaboration and easy sharing, and not to mention it’s environmentally friendly. Cloud computing also offers small businesses the advantage of saving money on equipment like laptops for each of their employees since the cloud can be access even on something like a tablet.

Often small and medium-sized companies lack the knowhow, capital, and resources to think about how they can digitally transform and enhance their businesses—especially professional service companies, like tax and legal advisors in particular since they reside in a rather fiscally conservative industry. Cloud services, however, are actually extremely affordable and practical for small businesses.

This is where MyDashboard steps in.
MyDashboard helps modern employers to better collaborate with external professional service providers as well as their own employees. MyDashboard offers their customers transparent, reliable, and honest communication, one employee portal, as well as a beautifully designed and user-friendly interface that operates intuitively, online and via mobile, and the way consumers work. All that’s needed is a reliable Internet connection. MyDashboard also enables leading professional services providers to:

  • Digitize communications with business clients as well as their own employees
  • Respond more quickly to customers’ needs or changes in their core business
  • Source new talent and have a reduced need of additional support and hardware
  • Automate the generation and delivery of one-time and recurring invoices
  • Securely share monthly accounting and payroll related documents
  • Reduce hefty administrative overhead, utilities, infrastructure, management, and setup, thus allowing more money to be invested within the company itself
  • Keep sensitive business related information safe and protected on MyDashboard’s secure servers in Germany
  • Collaborate through new digital channels, opening up a new, laid-back way to do business, allowing both employees and employers a more easy-going way of life
  • Allow experienced administrators to optimize employee performance
  • Run their businesses effectively and with relative ease with no need to install software
  • Manage human resources more hands-on and successfully
  • Engage with employer service providers in completely new and appealing ways
  • Have an edge over their competitors by reducing or completely doing away with on-site IT

MyDashboard also has the features allowing employers to create and manage available job vacancies, offering the ability to write up detailed job descriptions, which can be published to the employer's corporate website, as well as on an internal marketplace on MyDashboard. On the integrated marketplace, an employer can digitally book recruiting services based on the job description they’ve recently created and published, and all provided information will be shared automatically with the external agency for executive search.

All information from the applicant or candidate will be digitally shared with the external tax and legal advisor through the MyDashboard solution. Once the candidate has signed the contract and has successfully boarded with the company, the employer will need a payroll service to process the monthly payroll slips for their employees.

The external bookkeeper will automatically receive the employee profiles of all employees on the running payroll service. At the end of the month, the employer receives an e-mail notification when their monthly invoice is ready. After clicking on the link, they are guided to an electronic invoice in MyDashboard. The employer / client sees the line items for “Executive Search Services,” “Working Contract,” and “Monthly Payroll Services.”

Alongside the above, MyDashboard automatically accumulates all delivered services—including the service fee(s)—for a specific timeframe—on the same invoice and allows an invoice to be paid electronically in the way the employer or client prefers (Apple Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal, credit card, etcetera).

“MyDashboard is the only employee portal that connects employees with their employer as well as with external professional employer service providers. Feel the vibe.”

To lean more or sign up for a free trial, please visit their secure website at: www.mydashboard.cloud


For more information, please contact:

Cloud Solutions GmbH
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Cloud Solutions Gmbh
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