5 Important Benefits of Business Digitization

by The Digital Employer, on Apr 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Digitization is no longer an option but has become a necessity. In an increasingly competitive market that has transferred much of its processes to digital platforms and social networks, having an online presence is, without any doubt, a prerequisite for business success and optimal market positioning.

Although the benefits of digitization are numerous, many brands are reluctant to modify some of their internal processes and, in particular, to enter into this market logic arguing that there is nothing like physical sale and face-to-face commerce.

However, they overlook an important detail: it is the consumers themselves who have begun to move to this type of platforms and resources with the aim of streamlining and optimizing their sales processes.

Digitization is a method in which one or more of employee-oriented processes are made technology-dependent to improve overall efficiency of the business while allowing for getting data analytics for monitoring company performance.

Compared to companies based on traditional modes of managements, the path of businesses that have emerged in the last decade and a half, has been very distinct. This is because they have lived and started their business in the age of increased technological advancements and thus are more conducive to digitization than their old-school counterparts.

Here we take a look at the top 5 benefits of digitizing your business to help you decide on digitization if you haven’t already done so:

1. Improve customer interaction

Digital platforms allow your business to be available every day and for 24 hours without any sort of desk schedules! Your customers can contact you at any time and, at the same time, you can respond to their demands in the shortest possible time. While social networks are at the forefront of this mode of digitization, specific customer service software, like Zendesk, are also there to streamline the dynamics of business-customer interaction. And studies have shown that good after-sale service is one of the biggest sources of customer retention in today’s digitized world.

2. Increase the speed of communication

After migrating to a digital workplace, the internal processes of your business will be more fluid and according to the needs of each moment. Computer systems and virtual tools reduce execution time and cost of implementation. What would take days or weeks between departments before, is now only a matter of a couple of hours or even minutes. For this purpose there are several software available that allow for a unitary digital work environment for employees. At the forefront is this category are the social intranet software which are social websites that run only on your company’s network.


3. Integration of internal processes

Another advantage of digitization is the alignment of tasks and processes. A digital databases serve as the nuclei of information that facilitates decision-making and the implementation of tasks. In addition, it helps various groups in the organization to access corporate information and share it in real time. This increased accessibility improves the cohesiveness of a business with each department knowing exactly what the other departments are doing.


4. Open new market possibilities

Digitization also helps us to gain a presence on social media platforms and, therefore, to capture potential customers and penetrate new markets. Before the advent of the internet, distances were an obstacle that made it difficult to be able to operate in other commercial environments. Now the same only requires the business to design a good social media strategy that resonates with all the focal niches of the market, irrespective of location.


5. Strengthen the brand

For many businesses, digitization not only improves the fluidity of internal processes, but also allows for opportunities for relaunch and expansion that otherwise would never have been possible. However, this requires the building of a brand image that is synchronous with the company’s future goals and objectives. And this brand image is a culmination of social media policy, advertisements, sponsor deals, and employee advocacy. So, it is important that all of the aforementioned elements are in harmony with each other and the company’s future pans.

In conclusion, digitization is a process that provides businesses with numerous benefits in two ways: internally, with the optimization and integration of tasks and action strategies; and externally, with the improvement of the relationship with the consumers and a better quality of the products or services that are offered.


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